Positive discipline

A plethora of research has shown that punishment is not the most effective or efficient means to eliminate problem behavior.  "Reactive" approaches that follow inappropriate behavior, such as punishment, may have an immediate impact on behavior- but fails to produce long term effects.  Punishment does not teach acceptable replacement behaviors and may actually reinforce the negative behavior.  In no way, will administration or support staff utilize intimidating language via tone or language, physical punishment, or threatening posture or language.  

The Beacon Achievement Center utilizes the principles of positive behavior support to teach individuals to learn to display appropriate responses to sensory, attention seeking, communication and tangible needs.  We practice a functional assessment to determine the function of the problematic actions and teach appropriate replacement behaviors to ensure personal and social qualitative management.

  • Additional strategies for support involve incorporating preventative strategies.  This is done by recognizing antecedent circumstances which could trigger inappropriate or disruptive behaviors.  These antecedents can be blocked by (1) providing alternative suggestions to the individual, (2) blocking access to the behavior, (3) removing the trigger, and (4) interrupting the behavior by creating a diversion.
  • Increasing the probability of behavior by consciously teaching the desired and expected behavior. Reinforcing the desired behavior when it is occurring is another way to bring about a shift in behavior.  Provide specific feedback to the client to acknowledge the desired behavior and point out the inappropriate behavior.  Utilize extinction techniques to reduce reinforcement of undesirable behavior.
  • Use setting Environmental Strategies to provide an organized and predictable physical design of the environment.  Keep materials organized and in specific locations.  Create clearly marked and anticipated areas.  Additionally, use antecedent strategies by incorporating appropriate visual cues within the environment.  Use a picture schedule to support transitioning, use timers to support understanding of time references, teach appropriate alternative and replacement behavior ahead of probably curcumstances or situations.  Also, promote self-management of behavior by teaching them right from wrong; what works from what is inhibiting to the group and self.  Teach how to respond to stressful situations by teaching self-regulation strategies. 

Positive behavior is critical for all individuals to operate in a world that places heavy emphasis on social engagement and employment.  The Beacon Achievement Center places heavy insistence on the support that an individual will need to succeed in society.  There is no subject or question that is too ridiculous or embarrassing to ask for help with.  We are here to serve and support individuals be the best they want to be.