Behavior Management

Behavior Management at the Beacon Achievement Center can be summed up by two words, "active teaching."  Creating opportunities in which clients are able to solve problems, communicate and investigate the reason behind the function of their behaviors.  The support staff's disposition plays a significant role in the clients' skill development.  All support staff are involved in active instruction.  They are energetic, positive, enthusiastic, dynamic, supportive, patient, organized and flexible.  These scores of character traits are identifiable qualities which nurture an independent, autonomous, responsible learner.  We strive to inspire good citizenship, responsibility, and self reflection in our clients.  

Professional attitudes, values and beliefs shape the live of our clients.  Active teaching, as a learning theory, creates an avenue in which the physical, curricular, instructional and motivational factors of a learning environment support the learner in constructing and enhancing their own knowledge.  Instructor insight is a critical component to the active teaching structure.  The basis of active instruction echoes the meaning behind the learner's interpretation and restructuring of that knowledge to further expand the learning and processing information.  Through integration of past knowledge and experience with new techniques, the clients can deepen their understanding and build new knowledge.  

By providing thought provoking questions which lead to critical thinking and reasoning skills, support staff inspires the life-long love of learning among clients.  It is exhibited not only by the types of activities, curriculum, or physical environment, but in the atmosphere that is set forth both within the clinic and is extended into the community.  The Beacon Achievement Center provides programs which embrace the wholeness of each individual and take into serious condition the research based findings about every facet of a person's physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development including language and culture norms. Character building through an embedded social skills curriculum, embraces diversity through race, religion, socioeconomic diversity as well as sexual preferences and cultural values, are at the heart of our education; these are the fundamental dispositions that our country was built on.

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