Beacon Achievement Center Creates a Positive Difference


Beacon Achievement Center is dedicated to providing positive, responsive treatment plans from adolescence through adulthood that support new skill development.  We provide positive solutions to a wide variety of developmental challenges. Our promise is to enhance each individual's language and cognitive processing, while impacting the obstacles that influence their behaviors. 

We are committed to empower individuals with social integrated programs in a cohesive environment for learning and growing together.  At the heart of our program is a highly accomplished staff with an extensive range of expertise that directly benefits the educational and behavioral profiles of each individual.

We take pride in our underlying foundation of integrity and our commitment to positive, practical treatment approaches.   We break through barriers, unlocking each individual's fullest potential.


Our Mission

We at the Beacon Achievement Center believe that dignity and respect are the cornerstone for the quality of human life.  Each person has the right to live their life the best way they can; free from fear of isolation, discrimination, and loneliness.  We step away from judgement and embrace each person for who they are.  We take all the necessary measurements to ensure the fullest quality of life for individuals with intellectual differences to ensure their personal freedoms.

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